Have you heard 
the call?

Have you heard 
the call?

I heard the call way back when I attended an entrepreneur event at BYU.

I sat in the auditorium listening to those who had created successful businesses.

I felt inspired and excited to pursue something of my own.

I started trying all sorts of ideas.

But the excitement soon wore off.

So I pursued the steady course of schooling to corporate job.

Not a bad path, but the desire to create my own business was still within me.

I felt trapped in a job that I didn’t truly love.

I made the most of it and found ways to use my coaching skills to help leaders in the business, but my ability to create an impact was limited.

I then got what I considered a dream job helping helping hundreds of life coaches in building their businesses.

But I still wasn’t free to choose what I did with my time.

I wasn’t free to create what I wanted.

Until I quit the dream job and started the business I had dreamed about 10 years earlier.

I made a good amount money – over 6 figures.

And now I help others who dream of building their own business.

Because I discovered something in the process.

I discovered connecting to Christ is one of the fastest and surest ways to succeed.

I discovered that God is very much interested and invested in helping you with your business, but many struggle to access the revelation available.

You have felt the call to serve, the call to entrepreneurship. 

You have no idea where to start and what to do...

And this is where I come in.

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